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So, about those resolutions

It seems like they didn’t hold very long…

Me being a French guy, you’re probably waiting for some kind of excuse, like “I’ve been too busy actually doing things that I didn’t have time to write about them”.
But excuses don’t change anything, and it is a pretty bad excuse!

Worse, I could give you an excuse disguised as a reason, like there is a backlog of unwritten things that I’d like to write first, to be able to reference them later. So I can’t write about anything new unless I’ve written all those old things. It then turns into a vicious circle of accumulating more unwritten stuff as more reasons to not start writing.

Well this is a pretty bad reason also!

Turns out I’ve not yet really understood what it means to write. I have to learn that it is not necessary to write “in order”, or perfectly, or completely. All those things can be fixed later.

Now it’s not too late, I can still end 2018 with more than a couple posts!